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Prevent Overlap of Microsoft SQL Server Backups

Created: 04 Jun 2012 | 1 comment


Running NetBackup on Linux, backing up Microsoft SQL Server 2005.

I configured two backup policies:  One that runs every two hours for transaction logs and another once a day for a full database backup.

Is there a way to prevent the two policies from trying to run at the same time, but not by using backup start windows?  I would like the transaction log backup to run whenever it can (i.e. at any time that a full database backup is not running)

Each policy contains a number of clients; Some small and some large databases.  Whenever the two policies try to run at the same time for the same database, one of the two fails.


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One way would be to define up a dedicated storage unit (pretty easy if your backups are going to tape) with max concurrent set to 1 and multiplexing set to 1.

This works for a single client but per policy but get's very messy beyond that.

I agree; with certain styles of backups there needs to be a way to "lock" concurrent use between clients and policies.  I have the same problem with EVS backups; Symantec define up a sequence of 3 policies to backup the active information store yet they have no way to "lock" the policies to run sequentially one after another but they also say "don't overlap them".

Maybe this is where the new resource limit Master Server setting is going; at the moment it's available for VMware backups but could/should be exanded to allow other application settings.

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