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Prevent SEP clients from auto-upgrade to v12.1

Created: 13 Aug 2012 | 9 comments

Hi all,

I had upgraded my SEPM to v12.1 in my test server. I wanted to stop my clients in my computer groups to auto upgrade their client to v12.1.

I do not see the option in Symantec Protection Centre where I can disable the auto-upgrade. I had only so far added my SEPM in there and did not see any computer tab as stated in the symantec articles.

Can someone please share with me how to disable this in SEPM? Currently, I am only able to stop the auto-upgrade by deleting all installers for these computer groups.

Does anyone has any script that allows me to upgrade my computer groups (for example, 5 clients each day on a daily basis)?

I had upgraded some test clients using auto-upgrade and client deployment wizard with less impressive results. It took me about 20mins to push the installer to the clients. I reduced the time by creating basic installers but it still took me more than 10 mins to update the definitions for all clients.


Li Xi

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Your Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition clients will upgrade automatically once the Symantec Protection Center has been upgraded. No further action is required on your part to complete the upgrade process

However, To disable the auto-upgrade feature for clients

  1. Login to the Symantec Protection Center Console.
  2. Select the Computers page.
  3. Under My Company select the group that includes the clients you would like to prevent from using the auto-upgrade feature.
  4. Under Tasks select Edit the group properties.
  5. Click the checkbox for Disable Automatic Client Package Updates.
  6. Click OK.


Chetan Savade
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I need to do the same thing. The last time I upgraded SEPM (to 12.1 RU1), as soon as the server was finished and running, it started upgrading all my clients, which brought many of them to a screeching halt.

It wouldn't be a big deal if I was doing this after normal working hours, but that isn't an option for me right now and I just need to disable auto-upgrade until about 5 PM when people start to leave.

Chetan, thank you for that information, but I am not using Small Business Edition. I also don't see anywhere that LiXiNg was using SBE either. Is there a way to do this in Enterprise Edition?

Is there a way to accomplish this in Enterprise Edition?

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On the Client page, click on the Install Packages tab

Make sure this is empty.

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Thanks, Brian! What I did (in case someone stumbles on this and needs to do the same thing) was create a new group with no install packages, then moved all my clients into that group.

Once the upgrade on the server is complete, I can just move a few clients at a time back to their respective groups and install packages.

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In Enterprise Edition auto upgrade is disabled by default.

Until and unless you assign the packages to the group/groups, clients listed inside group/groups won't start auto upgrade.

Chetan Savade
Sr.Technical Support Engineer, Endpoint Security
Enterprise Technical Support

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I second Brian's suggestion. As far as I know, AutoUpgrade in the enterprise version is not enabled by default, which is possibly why Mithun though the original poster was using Small Business Edition. From the 12.1 RU2 documentation:

HOWTO80780 - Upgrading clients by using AutoUpgrade in Symantec Endpoint Protection

HOWTO81274 - Upgrading clients by using AutoUpgrade in Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition


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I see here only two possibilities

- a client installer package was assigned under -> Clients Tab -> selected Group - Install Packages tab (so the Autoupgrade feature)

- Liveupdate policy specified that the clients should upgrade automatically from Liveupdate server:

Liveupdate Policy -> Advanced Settings -> Product Update Settings -> Download Symantec Endpoint Protection product updates using a Liveupdate server:

...there are really no other options that could have force the clients to upgrade theirs version without an administrator setting this up beforehand

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I think above Chetan's comments is right.

Thank& Regards,


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You could also try when assigning packages to the group Distribute upgrades over * days. Times the ammount of clients in the group by 5 increase the days. Although there no documentation of this working it should distribute the upgrades of clients evenly over time. Allowing you to monitor and act appropriatly.

Just an idea no so much a solution.

Please review ideas and vote there could be something useful :)