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Prevent System Recovery from creating .bak files of SQL databases

Created: 16 Jul 2013 | 2 comments

I am an experienced DBA that just started a job with a new company.  When analyzing the SQL Server Logs, I noticed that full database backups were being created at 10:00 nightly through a SQL Job and again at 10:30 nightly via "some other process".  Turns out that other process is Symantec System Recovery 2011.  It is reduntant to create the backups at 10:30 PM and can potentially break the log chain, but the network engineer at this company insists that it is not possible to NOT create the .bak files during the Symantec System Recovery VSS backup process.   The databases are in FULL recovery mode and Symantec is not backing up the transaction logs.  The network engineer also says that the .bak files that are created are not accessable so cannot be used for recovery purposes.  This intuitively makes no sense to me and have never been told this by any other network team.


Is there a setting to prevent Symantec from creating the .bak files?  All I want is for the .bak and .trn files that are created via SQL Jobs to be backed up. 

Is there any good documentation on the process Symantic System Recovery 2011 uses to back up SQL databases?

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Can you tell me what version of SQL and OS you are running?

Andreas Horlacher

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Symantec System Recovery (SSR) is a Disaster Recovery Application which creates an image of the Disk Partitions present on the machine. 

It doesn't interact with the SQL APIs for backups. It backs up the entire partition.