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- PRO NEEDED - Policy modifications directly into DB ?

Created: 27 Nov 2012 • Updated: 22 Mar 2013 | 2 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hi everyone,

Because of the new SEP12.1 RU2, and specially with the new "GUP roaming", we are studying to replace LUA with this technology.

Unfortunatly, we will have a lot of subnet ranges and gup IP to manually configure...and it will be a madness to manage modifications on the GUP policy.

We are running tests to see if you can export the liveupdate policy directly from the sepm database (mssql). We manage to find where the liveupdate policy is stored (in basic_metadata table), we manage to export it in xml format...nice !

Now, the challenge is to add modifications, and update the policy into the DB !

Here are some questions:

In every sep XML policy we find some variables like _i="..." t="...." v="...", ie:

<ExplicitGupMapping NameSpace="schema" _i="CB526E5C0A529246004E3D629CBD8397" _t="1353677772465" _d="false" _v="5"><ExplicitGupEntry ClientSubnet="" GupMappingType="GUP_IPADDRESS" GupMappingValue="" Port="2967" NameSpace="schema" _i="8443E7E30A529246004E3D626ACCB8D0" _t="1353677772465" _d="false" _v="10"/></ExplicitGupMapping>

I suppose _t is for timestamp, and _v for version ? but _i ? Is it a USN number ? it seems not..:(

And how to update and tell all group/clients which applying this policy to update the serial number ?

(Please don't answer: it is not supported, or use webservices, it's not possible...You need to manually renew the token every 12 hours...very convenient when you have daily automatic tasks...!!!)

thanks for reading ;)

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Beppe's picture


the process to manually insert a policy and have it working is much more complex that you believe. There are thousands of code lines and several processes behind it, nothing you can rewrite from the scratch in a reliable way, you only risk to corrupt the DB and going in an unsupported configuration.



Yoann WYFFELS's picture

I agree Beppe.

Anyway, I've find a solution by using SEPM webservices included in 12.1 RU2.