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Probematic: Backup Exec 2012 is automaticaly adding newly created cluster in the Backup selection list???

Created: 27 Dec 2012 | 2 comments

We are sharing a vCenter installation with many locations ( branch office ).  Each Branch Office has their own Backup Exec 2012 software to backup the VM's specific to the location .  ( 1 VM cluster = 1 site )

The problem is

Each time we are adding a new cluster in vCenter, the VM Backup Jobs of each sites are automatically adding the newly created cluster in the job selection.

You can imagine we dont want to backup VM's over the WAN. 

Acutally we have to manually connect on each Backup Exec 2012 and unselect the new cluster from the list.

In my opinion , it's poorly designed,  I can understand you automatically add new VMs when you select a VM folder in vCenter but I dont understand why

the product is adding new cluter in the backup job. It's just a nightmare to manage.

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Colin Weaver's picture

If you don't want BE to auto add VMs into a backup selection / job  then instead of selecting at the vCenter Server (default) or Datacenter level, always select at individual VM level, then when you add new systems they won't be automatcially backed up until you make a selection which includes them.

SpawnXX's picture

Thanks for the reply Colin and that's exactly what I did.

Individual VM's are selected ( because we have 2 VM jobs  per site , GRT and NO-GRT jobs ).

to me, it's a bug.