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Problem with AD backup BE2012

Created: 26 Dec 2012 | 9 comments
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Hi everyone

I'm having an issue backing up an AD server the problem is the following:

Maybe someone can give me a hint of what is going up?

Thanks for the Help


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...have you tried to recreate the job? Also make sure that any AV installed on the server giving you this issue isn't perhaps blocking the BE services from accessing the system state.


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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the AV is off, i recreated the job to a disk folder, but keep getting the same error



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Did you turn on AOF for the job?

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Please try a backup of the System State, with Windows Backup ( For Windows Server 2008 and later) and Wint NTbackup ( For Windos Server 2003 family).

The backup can fail if there is a corruption in System State itself.

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do you have a licence to backup AD?

and if you run backup without |GRT?

have a look on that as well

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Hi PKH, and yes de AOF is on for this job.

Maybe some hint?

Hi VipulK

the moment i tryed to do the backup with WINDOWS i got the following message

so i think the is a problem with something in the AD

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It happens a lot when the backup exec server is in the same server of the backup exec, and happens when someone messes with user rights assignments.

Create a user for the backup exec if you need, put it on Domain admins / Backup Operators.

Edit the Domain Controller GPO and :

Local Security Policy  ->  User Rights Assignments 
Logon as a service - put the account here
logon as a batch job - and here
wait a little, open cmd as administrator and gpupdate /force
maybe you will need to restart the dc.
Restart the backup exec service(better if you can restart the whole server).
Hope it helps.
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To ensure that there is no hardware errors, run chkdsk /f on the C: drive of the problem server.

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if it is a VM system  try this Article URL

this might help u if its a VM system