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Problem with the Altiris agent. The agent stops communicating with the Altiris Server.

Created: 07 Sep 2012 | 4 comments

We are having issues with the Altiris agent on some of our servers. The agent will from time to time stop communicating with the Altiris server. When this happens the agent sends no information to the Altiris server and will not respond to task or commands from the Altiris server. If you log into the system there is no indication of any problems with the Altiris services.

We are seeing it mostly on our Exchange 2003 Servers.

Has anyone seen this problem and does anyone know how to fix the issue.


The Exchange Servers are running Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition SP2.

The Altiris Agents and Subagents:
Altiris Agent (Version=7.1.15350.8350)
Altiris Software Update Agent (Version=7.1.7580)
Altiris Base Task Handlers (Version=7.1.15350)
Altiris Client Task Agent (Version=7.1.15350)
Altiris Client Task Scheduling Agent (Version=7.1.15350)
Altiris Inventory Agent (Version=7.1.7580)
Inventory Rule Agent (Version=7.1.8350)
Altiris Server Inventory Agent (Version=7.1.7580)
Software Management Framework Agent (Version=7.1.8350)
Software Delivery Results Pickup Agent (Version=7.1.7580)
Software Management Solution Agent (Version=7.1.7580)

Altiris Server: ITMS 7.1 SP2 with hotfix rollup v4

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Did you ever get this resolved?  We are also running fix point 4 and it seems we are having issues within our patch solution with agents not responding therefore they aren't getting the proper patches needed for compliance.  Also they aren't, able to updated the NS Server to show they have been rebooted.  Ironically it's not every single client just about 150 out of 1100.

But still way too many.  This has been going on for about a month to 2 months.


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Thank you, I am pending upgrading to that version once the approval process is complete and management give me the green light.  Hopefully soon, so maybe some of my additional issues will be resolved as well.

I will post once the update is done to determine if this is actually the solution.

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Communication seems to be improved since MP 1.1 Upgrade. However still working through my Patch issues as I have posted previously.