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Problem with backup exec jobs not starting

Created: 16 Oct 2012 | 7 comments

I have an ongoing issue with our backup exec version 2012. We are continually having issues whereby all jobs will not start. We have been having these issues since we purchased BE 2012 over 6 months ago! The error we recieve within backup exec is "no idle devices available". When we check our tape library, we find that all drives are available and ready to go. We can only get the backups to work after we restart the backup exec services or restart the tape library.

When we restart the services, we find that bengine.exe, and beremote.exe process time out on the restart, and have to be stopped using windows task manager. Once all services have been restarted, then backup jobs will start again.

There are no errors in the event or system logs to indicate that anything is wrong. Our system consists of the following:

  1. Backup Exec 2012 running within Windows 2008 R2.
  2. Tape library is a quantum scalar i80.
  3. We are currently using the microsoft drivers for the scalar tape library as the drivers from quantum are not compatible with backup exec. This is a known issue and the quantum site even recommends not using their driver for backup exec.

We have done the following to try and rectify this issue:

  1. Rebuilt our server and reinstalled backup exec 2012 twice now.
  2. Updated the quantum tape drive to latest firmware.

Please advise on what we can do.

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Run Live Update multiple times and install all the latest patches for BE2012.

Install Symantec drivers for the tape drive and Microsoft drivers for the autoloader.

If there is an Anti Virus running on the media server than exclude BE services from the AV scan.

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Thanks for the reply. Here is what I've done, and I have two additional questions:

Ensured that latest MS drivers for the autoloader were installed

Excluded BS services from AV scan and autoprotect (we use symantec corporate AV v12)

Question #1: I could not find Symantec drivers for the tape drives (we have 4 of them in the library), however, we are running the latest HP drivers. Is there somewhere were I could find symantec drivers? It looks like the Symantec site actually provides the HP drivers rather than anything specific to symantec.

Question #2: There is a backup exec support tool and diagnostic tool included with the software. Can these tools help me in any way if the problem keeps occuring? Would something like process explorer help? Is there a tracing tool I can use? I am mainly interested in finding if there is something interfering with bengine.exe and keeping it from performing its functions.

Thanks for your help so far.

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Link to download latest device driver


Refer to below link for tracer.exe which may help you to find tape drive related issues.

You may also refer to below link for Sgmon.exe to debug BE process

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Could you please check and post any errors or time outs that you might see in the Adamm.log. This is in the Backup Exec\Logs folder.

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The only consistent error I see in the adamm.log file concerns the PDDE service listed below:

[2560] 09/26/12 17:32:26.617 Adamm Log Started! ("C1200SVR14", 1000, {1722FCB8-5E77-48DE-B8BC-EE465FCDA578})

Adamm Info: Version 14.0, Build 1798, 64bit

OS Info: Windows Server 2008 R2, Build 7601, Service Pack 1

RSM Service Status: Not Running

Database Driver Info: SQLSRV32.DLL, 06.01.7601
Database Server Info: Server Name = "C1200SVR14", Active Node = ""
Database Connection String: "DRIVER=SQL Server;SERVER=c1200svr14\BkupExec;DATABASE=BEDB;App=BEWS PVL"

DateTimeSync: Local = 2012/09/26 17:32:26, System = 2012/09/26 21:32:26 GMT, Database = 2012/09/26 21:32:26 GMT

Shared Storage Authorization: No
TSM Authorization: No
SPO Installed and Authorized: No
SPO Limited Installed and Authorized: No
Library Expansion Options: 4
VTL Options: 0

[2560] 09/26/12 17:32:26.648 Not adjusting max system cache file size on this version of Windows.

[2624] 09/26/12 17:32:26.695 Waiting on PDDE service start (1200000 milliseconds)
[2624] 09/26/12 17:32:26.695 Error waiting for PDDE service to start: 1060
[2624] 09/26/12 17:32:26.695 PDDE service has not started; continuing...
Treat all LTO devices as if they are in UMD certified device list: DioAllLto = 0x0001
Use UMD certified device list: DioDrivers = 0x0002

[2624] 09/26/12 17:32:27.506 Read Device Records - start

[2624] 09/26/12 17:32:27.584 Read Device Records - end

[2624] 09/26/12 17:32:27.865 Initializing Storage Manager component processing
[2624] 09/26/12 17:32:27.865 iSCSI Discovery - start

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Would request you to look for errors from bottom to top as the same file gets appended and the section that you posted is from 26th Sep

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Hi Jaydeep

That was only an example. This is the same error that we get on every entry up to today. It is the only error I am seeing.

We have had other errors but only relating to a stuck tape that caused BE to label the drive as offline. Those have been rectified.