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Problem with backup/restore - wrong policy restoration.

Created: 08 Feb 2008 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 1 comment
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I have SMS 8260 (software version 7.6.0-6 Wed Jan 2 22:05:57 2008). I try to restore full system backup previously made from 8260 SMS running as Control Center + Scanner. I do restoration in to another clean SMS Control Center + Scanner system (it is VMWare installation). Both systems have SMS version 7.6.0-6.

Restoration from backup ends fine. I can see all my setting back - Control Center web page shows all my custom spam/antivirus policys and all IP/SMTP settings from original SMS8260 system.

Problem: restored settings did not work at all! For example - my antispam policy contain only one, customized rule (all spam should be quarantined). Default antispam rules did not enabled! But then i try to send spam message via SMS - my restored rules did not workins! In opposite i got in my mailbox original spam message with subject line containing [spam] - no message goes to quarantine!

The same behaviour with antivirus and compliance rules - they are showed as enabled but did not work.

reboot did not helps...

Any ideas?

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After some more testing, I can say what this problem occur only with backup/restore made to/from ftp host.

If I do full "local" backup and restore original applience from "local" backup - thel all works fine.

If I do the same backup/restore cycle using ftp - then this problem occur...

I hope this will be fixed?