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Problem with client install on AD domain.

Created: 31 Jan 2008 • Updated: 02 Mar 2009

I am deploying  SEP11 client on desktop PC's in our public access IT suites using Active Directory Group Policy via a PC startup script. The startup script runs the single EXE setup.exe and completes with no problems.#

If a user logs into the PC that has local admin rights there are no issues and everything works as expected.
If a user that does not have admin rights logs in then MSIEXEC continually tries to complete a user based installation of the client. Clicking the cancel button kills the MSIEXEC process but it very rapidly relaunches itself. When the MSIEXEC is running, it stops the user from logging out and also shutting down the PC. The only way to break it out of the cycle is to hit CTRL+ALT+DEL and kill the MSIEXEC process and shutdown quickly before it starts up again.

I am using the command line   Setup.exe /v"/log c:\sepinstall.log /RUNLIVEUPDATE=0 DISABLEDEFENDER=1 MIGRATESETTINGS=0"

But this is not creating the log file it should.

Any ideas?