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Problem with Code Signing on WindowsXP

Created: 10 Jul 2013 • Updated: 29 May 2014 | 4 comments
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We have recently purchased "Symantec Extended Validation Code Signing Certificate" and we are using the hardware token containing the certificate to sign the binaries. Signing works without any issues when the the hardware dongle is connected to the system and user is logged in console session.

This signing process is part of the build process and hence it is required to have this signing done automatically without any user intervention. During this process if windows locks the user session (desktop) automatically due to inactivity, then this signing process running in the background fails!

Any help is really appreciated to avoid this issue.

Thanks in advance,

Sujith Manuel

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By any chance are you remotely connecting to this PC to do your signing? The signing process will only work when the token/USB is inserted into the system, its one of the drawback of the EV code signing.

If the user session of that system is locking after a time out then you can hopefully turn the locking feature off or extend it. You may have to contact your IT department in order to arrand such a change on that system if you cant perform it yourself due to user privileges.

For more assistance feel free to contact Code signing support at

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Thanks Dominique for the response!

Are you saying that this is a limitation? - If computer gets locked then the signing is expected to fail? 



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No the limitation of the EV code signing is that you are bound to one token. unlike regular code signing where you have a .pfx file and can put it on mulitple systems.

Your issue is that your personal computer is locking as normal computers after a period of time set by the user. Simply turn that feature off in your screen saver settings. . 

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Hi Dominique,

The problem that we have is that the organization policy that does not allow us to keep the desktop session active in case of inactivity from the user.

Do you have any other alternatives? We ensure that the token is inserted and available on the machine during the code signing process and we want this to run in the background even if the session is locked.