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Problem creating local user

Created: 11 Nov 2013 | 8 comments

I'm probably just missing something easy, but I'm trying to create a user account for use with the email quarantine connect plugin for SMG. version 12.0


7 Select System > User Management > Users.

8 Click Add User.

9 Type values for the Name, Password, and Re-enter Password fields.

My menus say: System > Login Management > DLP Users

When I try to create a user, there is no spot to enter a password. it says "Use your Active Directory Credentals"

Any ideas?

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Your system requires you to enter the users AD user id and not the password.  It means that someone has synchronized your DLP product with your AD.  

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Is there a way to re-enable password authentication?

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You will need to disable the AD authentication in the UI, then recycle the VontuManager service.  If you know the users AD credentials all you would need to do is enter those credentials into the field for the DLP role you are configuring.  

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This isn't for an AD user. I need AD authentication enabled.

I need to create a special user account with password authentication in order to use the email quarantine flexresponse plugin, but there's no way to enter the password when creating the user. No AD account exists for this user.

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Dear firts u need to integrate AD with DLP enforce server and enabling the authetication through AD .

you can also create local user and and set the authotication local in system overview > genearl

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As you need to have both AD and local user authentication, U can try to deactivate AD authentication, create your new user and setting his password then reactivate AD authentication. May be it will work as it was the way to proceed with Administrator account (long time ago).


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You do not need to add a USER..

You need to add a CREDENTIAL, you can use that to for the flexresponse plugin

Hope this makes sense.

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Called support. They told me that there is no way to create a local user per their instructions if AD authentication is enabled. They told me the only thing I could do is to create an AD account with the same name and use that. SMG uses the account for integration with DLP. It has to have specific permissions in DLP. I'm good now! thanks for the suggestions.