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Problem: Delay liveupdate,but run automatically

Created: 02 Jan 2013 | 5 comments

In order to delay 1 week definition file


We set a distribution job on LUA server , to distribution new definition files into a UNC path E.G \\ser-lua\definition\Monday every Monday night at 10PM HongKong time


Enable Liveupdate Scheduling , weekly download at 11PM every Saturday. Retry Window, keep trying in 1 day.


LUA definition folder \\ser-lua\definition\Monday  is blank , until next Monday Dec 31, will download for the first time.(Actually, we encountered problem, so retry lua schedule job manually, and definition was downloaded to \\ser-lua\definition\Monday successfully for the first time on Tuesday Jan 2,11PM.)

After deploy SEP client to server (Basic content,without definition) on Dec 27 (Thursday), we assume client definition won't be updated until Jan 5 (Friday). Client will download definition from unc path \\ser-lua\definition\Monday on Firday night

But we found that on client , it run liveupdate automatically at Tuesday night, Jan 2, 12AM HKT

May we know if any setting we missed?

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pete_4u2002's picture

client will be contacting the internal LUA on the scheduled time, if it finds the update it will download.
If the client is not up on this time, as soon it is on, LU will be triggered and will communicate.

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Open the LUA address in browser and check are you able to get inside the portal or not. Also advice to run the Sylink Monitor utility on client to chech if there is any communication issue.


Ajit Jha

Technical Consultant


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Hi Symantec support
This SEP client is a server, it is always online . won't be shutdown
Please refer to below log
I found Liveupdate keep trying everyday at around 12AM, and log indicated that run successfully everytime.

It is UNC path, so we confirmed can access \\ser-lua\definition\Monday from SEP client , and copy the file manully without problem

Please help

Rafeeq's picture

during the initial install if the definitions are missing it will still run liveupdate , irrrespective of the schedule.

have you set the liveupdate property in msi to disable it?

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Hi Rafeeq,
I deploy SEP from SEPM to OU clients. How can I check or change this value? I select Basic content package for deployment, it won't include definition package. But don't know where to disable liveupdate. Any problem if changing "RUNLIVEUPDATE =val" value ?