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Problem doing a restore with a tape from another library.

Created: 11 Mar 2013 • Updated: 13 Feb 2014 | 5 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Ok, so here is the situation.

My envirironment is like this:

1 master server - 1 tape library

1 media server in a remote location - 1 tape library

1 media server in another remote location - 1 storage unit

Now, I took a tape from my media server and inserted it in the library attached to my master server.

When I try to do a restore, it will not process the tape. I get the following:

11/03/2013 01:00:52 p.m. - Info bpbrm(pid=7352) start tar32 on client         
11/03/2013 01:00:52 p.m. - Info tar32(pid=9449) Restore started.           
11/03/2013 01:00:52 p.m. - connected; connect time: 00:00:04
11/03/2013 01:01:02 p.m. - awaiting resource HPZ974 A pending request has been generated for this resource request.
Operator action may be required. Pending Action: No action.,
Media ID: HPZ974, Barcode: HPZ974L4, Density: hcart, Access Mode: Read,
Action Drive Name: N/A, Action Media Server: N/A, Robot Number: N/A, Robot Type: NONE,
Volume Group: 000_00000_TLD, Action Acs: N/A, Action Lsm: N/A
Not sure if it is still trying to fetch the tape in the media server or what, but I am pretty stuck in here.
Any ideas?
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did you run the Inventory?

did you set alternate media server for restore  in bp.conf


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ok, not exactly what I needed since I am running my servers in windows, but it helped me figure out what the issue was.

I went into the master server properties and added the restore failover and just in case, the general server media host override option.

Working fine now, need to remember to remove this when I am done, right?

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Media host override is the right one.
Failover setting will only work if original media server is offline.
The reason why you saw the pending request because the restore instruction was sent to original media server.

Restore will now be sent to the master server. Remember to remove Media host override setting once restore is done.

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Marianne, the restore is now running, but the transfer speed is really poor! about 1.5mbps.

I need to restore 600gb, so this is no good. Any ideas?

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Where are you restoring to? 

A network client?
Client on same or different subnet as master?
What does 'tracert <client-name>' show?

On what network is the client? 1Gb? 100BaseT? 
NIC settings on client?
If Master and/or client is W2003, check that TCP Chimney is disabled. See

Supporting Storage Foundation and VCS on Unix and Windows as well as NetBackup on Unix and Windows
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