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Problem with Ghost and Windows 7 - sysprep - unattend.xml - Samba domain

Created: 07 May 2013

Hi !

I have 160 computers on Windows XP (Samba environment). I have to migrate all Windows 7 for September.
Until now, I prepared my masters with sysprep + Ghost console. Everything was automated (renaming stations, joining domain in Samba).
I started to test the equivalence with the famous Windows 7 unattend.xml file, but unfortunately I do not get the desired result ....

You will find below the different stages that I (and a few questions at the end!).
Obviously, the response file does not run.
Thank you in advance for your advice!

I-Preparation and Recovery Master

1-Preparing My Master (software installation, etc.).
2-Installation of WAIK
3-Creation of the answer file (unattend.xml)
4-Copy the unattend.xml file in C: \ Windows \ System32 \ sysprep
5-In the terminal, run "sysprep.exe / generalize / oobe / shutdown / unattend: unattend.xml"
(treating the stain for a few minutes). The computer shutdown.
6-Recovery Master Ghostcast via server (for PXE)

II-Deployment of the "syspreped" Master

1-Deployment with the Ghost Console of the "syspreped" Master.
2-The computer got its right name (thanks to the "configuration" of the Ghost Console task, however, I do not feel that the response file is working properly (the computer doesn't join the Samba domain), and the first start is very long (over a similar task in Windows XP, about 10min-15min).
3-The unattend.xml answer file is not deleted from the deployed position (as the sysprep.inf with Windows XP after the first reboot), which can be useful, since the administrator password field is clear in this file.

Some questions:

1-Should we get the Master via the Ghost Console using "Run Microsoft Sysprep on this machine before creating the image"? (I created a sysprep Windows7 configuration by importing the file unattend.xml)
2-Should we copy the unattend.xml answer file in a location other than C:\Windows\System32\sysprep on the master computer so that it is removed from the client after deployment?
3-Unable to install the Ghost client on a computer already registered in the Ghost Console (before Windows XP, now under Win7), despite the uninstall from the Ghost Console.
The installation of the Ghost client on another computer under Windows7 never declared before in the Ghost Console works properly.

Is one of you managed to use sysprep with windows 7 with Ghost (in Samba domain), I'm very very interested!!!



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