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Problem with Hyper-V CSV

Created: 01 Aug 2012 | 4 comments
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Good morning,

when I try to create a Backup policy with NetBackup 7.5 and the same version for the agent in a cluster with Hyper-V CSV, I see one of the nodes with a red strike bar when browsing to try to select the VM's. Also I have the message in the right pane "Unable to list VM's".

In the other 3 nodes I don't have any problem to browse into VM's. Maybe wrong agent instalation?

Thanks in advance for your comments,

Kind regards,


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Here you have the icons and the message shown in right pane.

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We are seeing the same issue in 7.1.  We have an 8 node cluster and 2 of the 8 nodes are reporting "Unable to list VM's" after we Browse for Virtual Machines 

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can you check if required ports are allowed in bidirectional from all security layers. we had similar issue for one of CSV node , turned out OS firewall was not allowed for communication .....

check if that helps

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Is this a Linux VM with the Hyper-V integration tools installed on it? We had the same exact issue and ended up getting it resolved by going to the integration services of the VM and unchecking the option "Backup (volume snapshot)."