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Problem: Incorrect tables shown in some articles

Created: 07 Nov 2013 | 6 comments

Just a strange things, I discovered some articles with formatting problems, it seems disapperead columns, rows, etc. .

Please check some examples below:

Virtual Application Library

Free eBooks Library

and something different is shown here, no tables but the content is shown in a plain format : USB Swiss Army Tools Collection

Operating Systems:
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Kevin's picture

Thanks for the heads up, Paolo.

I'll take a look.

Kevin's picture

It looks like the code we added to curtail spammers was hiding table tags from the rendering engine.

I've made a few configuration changes and the pages appear to be displaying properly now.

Let me know if you are still seeing issues.


CRZ's picture

Kevin, have image tags been broken?  My signature image URL looks to now be a space when I View Source on a thread I've posted in.

Let me try to put one in here...

OK, so in Preview (or if an admin were to hit "Edit" on this post), a graphic appears here:


...and when Viewing Source, its corresponding HTML appears to be:

<img alt="ColumnLayout.png" src="/connect/sites/default/files/users/user-1014561/ColumnLayout.png" style="width:294px;height:630px;" />

but it's pretty much getting wiped out by the time the thread is rendered.  "View Source..." reveals only:

<img />

This seems...overly drastic?  ;-) | APPLBN | 761LBN

Kevin's picture

Thanks CRZ,

That's definitely a problem.

I'll take another look at the configuration and see what might be causing this behavior.

Kevin's picture

I've made a few configuration changes that appear to have fixed the issue.