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Problem with NDMP and Isilon NAS

Created: 05 Jul 2011 | 5 comments

When performing a full backup of a share on our Isilon NAS using backup exec and NDMP the backup appears to complete successfully however the catalog does not show the backed up directory tree.

All I find in the catalog for the backup are two files: default_coalescing_set and default_perms_set

The job history shows that the right amount of data was backed up (just over 3TB). File History is enabled in the NDMP options, and Use Storage Media-Based Catalogs is selected in the application settings.

Anyone else have a similar problem or any insights?

I have tried running a job on a single sub-directory of this share with the same settings and the catalog works fine. Sub directories and files within them all show up when I go to create a restore job.


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I beleive the device is not supported by BEWS to backup using NDMP option. You need to backup just shares make sure you have the following option selected Tools> Options> Network and Security and enabled "Enable selection of User Shares"

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Assuming the Isilon is supported by our NDMP Option, then I suspect the lack of any response to your question means that the community forum members that monitor the forum have not seen this problem before.  As such I'd suggest you consider creating a formal support case for Symantec to investigate your problem.

One thing is puzzling me though you refer to the term share in your description, the NDMP Option (at least when looking at EMC and NetApp devices) does not operate over shares, it uses volume level selections via the Operating System running on the device. I have not however looked at an Isilon so am not sure if this is normal.

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Thanks for the responses!

@Rahulg - BE 2010 does support NDMP on Isilon and Isilon has supposedly tested Backup Exec/NDMP with their product, which is why we chose to use it. It is a more recent addition to their offerings.

@Colin - Sorry, that was my misuse of the term share. The /ifs share on our Isilon system corresponds to the NDMP volume that is seen by BE. Before we were using NDMP we would back up the entire /ifs share, so I just got used to looking at it that way.

Anyhow, the root of the problem is that when I back up the entire volume with NDMP I get no useful catalog information even though file history is enabled and Use Storage Based Media is selected. If I do an include for one subdirectory of the volume the catalog does work, as do selective restores.

Also, we are using a trial of 2010 (we have a payed version of 2008) so I don't think I can make a formal support case. We haven't bought the upgrade yet because we want to make sure the NDMP option will work well with backup exec before we purchase.

Thanks again.

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If you are trialing software whilst liaising with a member of our pre-sales team then they can usually get a courtesy case opened for you.

Unfortunately I don't have access to an Isilon devcie so can't check what you are reporting, although as you have stated our HCL does now mention Isilon devices against the NDMP option so it is supported.