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Problem with Office 2010 silent install

Created: 11 May 2011 | 7 comments

Folks on this forum were extremely helpful last time I had a DS problem, so I am crossing my fingers again:

I am trying to complete a silent installation of Microsoft Office 2010.  I have run the setup.exe /admin and created an .msp file which is in the Updates folder.  In Deployment Server 6.9 SP5, I have created a Distibute Software job and navigated to the setup.exe file.  In the additional command line switches box, I have entered /adminfile Updates\office.msp.  When I drop this job on a computer (Windows 7) it looks like it is working and says "Executing file: setup.exe."  The problem is, nothing happens.  It will stall at this step for hours if I let it.  I have also tried:

running the distribute software job with no switches
running the job with just the /adminfile switch
doing a run script job using command "setup.exe /adminfile Updates\office.msp"
doing a run script job using command "setup.exe /adminfile"
doing a run script job using command "setup.exe"

Nothing ever happens.  I look for errors in the event viewer of the machine where I am testing this installation, but I don't see anything.  I am sure I am missing something simple, but any tips would be great.



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If 2010 is like 2007 in this respect, then once you have created the MSP and dropped it in the Updates folder, all you now need to do is to run setup.exe from the 2010 source location.

So try this manually on a Win 7 box and ensure that no dialogs pop up while the installation is running (you did remember to specify a silent install, didn't you??). If any dialogs pop up then of course the installation will stall until a response is received.

Once you have a truly silent install, try running from DS again, and make sure that the full path to setup.exe is given, and is correct.

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Also make sure the task is set to run directly from file share for a distribure software job. If not DS will copy setup.exe and then execute it on the client and not know where the rest of the Office 2010 files are.

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Thanks for the input.

On a client computer, I mapped drive z: to the location of the Office 2010 files.  From a command prompt I did: z:\setup.exe.  An Office window popped up saying something like "gathering the necessary files" and was gone in a second with me having to click on nothing.  The rest of the installation completed silently without any issues.

Phyrant, I will set the job up as you have said and give that a try.


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Still having a problem,

When I set up a Distribute Software job as Phyrant described, I am asked to enter a share account username and password.  When I use a domain account, I get the same behavior as before, the script says it is executing forever.  If I use the local admin account for the computer ADS is on, I get an invalid login error.  I have tested this with other programs and am finding the same thing happening.  If I connect to the software directly from the client machine, there are no problems installing.  As soon as I try installing through DS, I have problems.  We are moving to Windows 7 this summer, so I am setting up software jobs in preparation for that.  Could this have something to do with Win 7?


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I have deployed Office 2010 to many Windows 7 machines with no issue. Try using Run Script instead of Distribute Software. I have found this to be much better. My command line looks like this.... \\domainname\path\setup.exe /adminfile "\\domainname\path\Updates\off2010.msp"

I have found you do have to put the quotes around the path to the msp. Hope this helps.

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Hi Sammy
Try to run installation from the local source on the client computer and don't forget to disable UAC on Windows 7 client prior to any software deployment from DS.
And as guys above said try to use Run Script and make sure that your Office 2010 installation is truly silent by running it manually on the test client computer first.
Have a look at the blog I posted while ago for more info.

Andrey Shipov
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Manchester, UK

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Software Package Options:


Additional command-line switches:
         /adminfile "\\domain\share\Office_2010\Custom\Microsoft Office 2010 (Full).MSP"

        Run directly from file source
        Specify User: domain\install_user

I do it this way because we have three custom install options across three SOEs, so I have a job for each, with a custom MSP for each.

My MSP contains:

  • Install location and organization name (Both filled, path is default)
  • Additional network sources (set path to above domain UNC... for self-heal, etc)
  • Licensing and user interface (set KMS, I accept, Display as "Basic", suppress modal, no cancel)
  • Then some other tweaks and customisations (security, shortcuts, features, accounts, etc)

If you set the "basic" interface, with no cancel and suppress modal, you get much better user experience during the upgrade. I am sure setting to "none" will work, but the above are what we use across both "Windows XP Professional 32-Bit SP3" and "Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit SP1"... so I know it works.

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