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Problem Public PGP Universal Server

Created: 11 Mar 2011

I recently deployed a secondary PGP Server on the DMZ of our company but can't seem to get it working properly. The goal is to get Outlook running RPC over HTTP which has been tested and works fine. The problem is the PGP Desktop Client doesn't try to encrypt to it.

The External server is a clustered portion of the Internal one which we have, all the ports on it are forwarded properly in the DMZ. Mail routes are configured as well. I tried to contact PGP Support but all i really got was some PDF's to read when all i really need is a little guidance. Ive gone over all the mail policies but i can't seem to find the spot where i would configure a secondary PGP server to send to if one does not respond. What happens is the PGP encrypted email tries 3 times then ends up eing sent unencrypted.

If anyone can help me out it would be greatly appreciated