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Problem with reporting in SEP results not consistent - or is this by design?

Created: 06 Feb 2013 | 5 comments


I am getting contradicting information when viewing a report and when viewing a clients properties.  The report is showing incorrect check-in data, for example two weeks old, when viewing a clients properties it shows the last check in as today which is correct.  The report is outdated and I believe the last login user is not up to date also.  I have explained what I am doing below, and attached some screens.

If I create a report based on last check-in time by logging into the SEP Manager (web based).  Clicking Report icon on the left hand navigation, Choosing Computer Status from the Report Type drop down, choosing Computers not Checked into Sever from the Select a Report drop down, selecting Past Week from the Time Range drop down and then clicking Create Report to generate my report I get a number of results which display in a pop up window which is great, however say I choose a random machine from the report one with a check in date of say over a week ago say 07/01/2013 09:30:39.  Now I know this is incorrect and if I click on the Client link in the left hand navigation, search for my machine using the Computer Name = <server name> operators, then click the selected machine and choose the Clients tab and view the Last Check-in field it gives me the correct Check-in date of 06 February 2013 09:50:25 GMT

So why is the report different to the properties of the client when viewed?  This is making my reports look wrong?  Does anyone else have this problem, is it by design? 

Thanks for your help and advice in advance.

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You have provide second snap shot server are update latest virus defination ? as per screen shot may be it's not be updating.

I have give one suggestion you have currently using sep 11.06 version you can upgrade your sep 11.06 to sep 12.1.2 latest version

Thanks In Advance

Ashish Sharma

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Thanks but I can't see this as being reported as a bug anywhere, is this a known issue that is fixed in 12.1.2 if not I would like to avoid updating the whole server.

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Strage You may want to upgrade.

Client details incorrectly indicate the status has never changed
Fix ID: 2681947
Symptom: Computer status report correctly shows the last time the status changed, but the client details indicate the status has never changed.
Solution: Changed the source of the client details.
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Thanks Rafeeq, except I sort of have it the other way around where by the client updates but the report shows old incorrect information.