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Problem with ResourceComponents Generator for NS 7 in WF

Created: 10 Mar 2011 | 8 comments's picture


We have a project with creating portal on the WF with data from CMDB.

We create new data class, resource assosiation type and resource type.

And we need to take a resource data to WF by ResourceComponents Generator for NS 7.

And when the CMDB is new - the ResourceComponents Generator is ok.

After the creating new this data in CMDB - ResourceComponents Generator is not see all resources in CMDB.

Can somebody say a rulles for creating new data in CMDB for correcting work ResourceComponents Generator for NS 7 in WF.

See the log in SMP and WF can`t help fix this problem.

Pls help.

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If you add new resource types in the CMDB, you have to "re-generate" your Resource components to pick them up. Just re-run the generator.

Let it connect to the NS and collect all the resources. When the screen with Adjust Definitions/Compile/Compile and Close comes up, select "Adjust Definitions". Then select all the components you'd like to show up, click Next and then click Compile and Close.'s picture

We re-generate Resource components in WF and there are 2 case: the process re-generat ending by error or on the screen with Adjust Definitions show only 1 components.

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Do you have latest version of the NS Web Services solution on your SMP? Also curious... what WF version is this?'s picture

The version of NS web services is In SIM it is a latest version.'s picture

Today i`m re-generate a new Resource components by following the rules:

  1. all name of data (data class, resource assosiation type and resource type) in English (for the first i try to create data in Russian)
  2. in resoure type nesesary check all data class
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Just a quick note, I'm the site admin for Connect (Eric) not the person who gave the presentation during Feb.  However, the person has been notified, and a response to your question is forthcoming :)



check out the community at's picture

Ok :)

But now we me have a new problem with put all 400 asset to WF. The error is timeout.

When we work with 2 asset all is ok.'s picture

At today i decide to get needfull data from CMDB by creating Integration Components - Table Generator - SQL Server.