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Problem running Patch Data Import Task Windows

Created: 27 Nov 2012 | 3 comments
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Support already tried its best but couldnt find a definite source. Import Patch Data didnt work from the get go. The Notification Server was set up on German Win2008 R2, during the troubleshooting it was changed to English which made it work somehow. But now it still breaks everytime someone changes the Task settings from German console. Switching the server language several times fixes it temporarily again.  All other tasks and functions of the NS work. Patchmanagement works also besides the Import. Repair or updates did nothing to solve the problem. 

To the problem itself. Somewhere during the task it loses the User who startet it, so it fills the log with

SecurityCache.CurrentIdentityMembership accessed without security context data set. 
**CEDUrlStart** :

"Unable to retrieve the list of memberships of the current user. 
This most likely caused by the security context not having been set.
**CEDUrlStart** :

Then all the following tasks like "Disable Superseded Software Updates" wont start as well as no User, no membership to security groups or trustee scopes.

Finally the stored procedure to write the version of the task errors out because the modified by is missing.

Procedure or function 'spInsertItemVersionData' expects parameter '@ModifiedBy', which was not supplied.

Could it be a problem with .NET language settings? Which assembly is responsible for the import task? Patchmanagment.core? Anyone with .NET developing experience has an idea which way to search?  

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Sounds like a defect needs to be logged with the Patch Management team - I would recommend pursuing that avenue.

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Hi SaschaH,

I could not reproduce this on my side, but I agree with Andrew - please work with support. Probably support will need your assistance in order to try to find reason/resolve issue.


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Ticket is open, lets see how this goes. I think its bound to this one SMP, so not much luck in reproducing. Never saw it in any other customer installations also. The system was set up German and only changed to English later when it was time to set up Patch Management.(more critical back then coz PM doesnt work at all without Import running successful once at least) 

The customer got it to work again for now. But it involved changing the language from English to German this time. So definitely its something about the language settings, likely of the assemblies?! Just would be convenient to know how it breaks to avoid the change game which cant be done during productive hour. Also would be good to know if in any way the DB is involved or it's possible to set up IIS or the whole NS new and connect it to the old DB. But for just trying it out that would be quite a leap of faith. 

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