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Problem with SEE 8.2.1 and Opal Drives

Created: 23 Oct 2012 | 5 comments


I've exactly the same problem mentionned here : Error message "Update Settings failed" is poping up (and coming back at GPO update).

I've also Samsung SSD drives like the other person. Model is Samsung MZ 7PC256D

Problem is : I can't get any of the hugelist of certified Opal drives from Dell. They have only a few models available, and none of them are Hitachi. And we want to have HW encrypted drives because it's a non sense to keep software encryption because of performances.

I've the exact same problem on 2 new hardware models, which are E6230 & E6530 notebooks. They are both equiped with the same model of hard disk.

Package is fine, it was tested and retested on several machines and if I change the HD with another Opal drive on these models, everything runs smooth, even with older 8.2.0 MP1 version. Successful hard disk was a Seagate momentus Thin 320GB (9EC142) delivered with new model Precision M4700.

Any chance there is a solution (or planned release that can fix it) ? I want to integrate everything before releasing them for production.

In advance, many thanks and best regards

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Franck, were you ever able to get this resolved? We are also using Dell Laittude E6230 systems and would like to move to SSD drives, but it appears Symantec only supports the 2 Hitachi drives


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SSD Drives are simple nonplatter drives, Opel drives are the ones with hardware encryption.

SEE does support all SSD Drives.

I'm not sure about the support for Opel drives.

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Im aware of the difference between the two..I had a similarity with the origional poster between hardware type and similar issue from Dell, neither of the supported OPAL drives seem to be available form them. 

The only OPAL supported drives appears to be a document from 2 years ago listing 2 drives:

Trust me I'm also painfully aware you don't support all SSD Drives...   Finding documentation on which ones are supported is very difficult...  It appears to be a guessing game to sort out what does and doesn't work.....

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I'd be really surprised if I hear that we cannot support a particular SSD Drive. Even SSD Hybrids work well with SEE FD.

Please let us know if you know of any scenarios with SSD or any particular drives that we have issues with. I'd be happy to dig the information out for you.

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We currently use SEP and another companies software-based Full Disk Encryption. We would like to use SEE, but only if it supports SED (OPAL-compliant) that are SSD. A search on the Internet reveals that Samsung offers drives that meet this requirement.

I see that others have had a similar request but it was was last updated almost a year ago.

Does SEE have a solution for this?