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Problem sending emails about unsuccessfull backups

Created: 05 Nov 2012 • Updated: 05 Nov 2012 | 4 comments
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Linux RedHat 5.8.

I put the admin address on the Global Attributes, checked "Server sends email" on Universal Settings, and left the "Client's administrator email" blank. No luck.

If I run mailx manually, it works.

When backups fail, I can't see anything on sendmail logs. I tried to see mail traffic using tcpdump (tcpdump -i any port 25), but there is nothing on the wire. When I run mailx manually, I can see the mail activity on both logs and sniffer output.

The same recipient is configured on the Catalog policy for DR, and it works! I get DR message from catalog policy using the same address.

Where can I look for deeper troubleshooting? What log should I activate?

Thanks in advance.

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  Have you entered the recipient addresses in the "Global Attributes" under the Master Server's properties?  Also, you may find better output and control by using the backup_exit_notify script in the NetBackup/bin directory of your master server, or by installing an OpsCenter machine.


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Thanks for your answer.

Yes, I configured the recipient in the Global Attributes of the Master.

Thanks for your suggestion, but I would like to understand why the plain old method doesn't work! 

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The Global Attributes should be enough for just failed job e-mails and sendmail is clearly working OK as per your test and the catalog mail

The difference is that how it gets generated

Check your bp.conf to ensure that the mail address has been added correctly

Not 100% but usually the admin log records mailing issues

Hope this helps

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The media server running the backup tries to send the email, not the master. On this case, the MediaServer is a 5220 appliance. I found all messages about the failed backups on its mail queue, but it has not a smarthost, then it can't work.

I ever thought that the Master only sends the email, but this TN


"The Global Attributes for the master server in the GUI can be configured to send email for any non-zero backup status. The exceptions to this are status 96, 219, or any exit status where the bpbrm daemon never starts. The bpbrm daemon on the master/media server is what sends the actual email when this option is configured."