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Problem with SEP Push Deployment.

Created: 20 Jan 2008 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 2 comments
Hello All,
I am currently having a bit of challenge remotely deploying SEP Client to End systems, it keeps prompting for Admin password for each system even when i have keyed in the domain admin password.
I have 3000+ users distributed across regions, so entering the password for each endsystem is going to be rigorous. I need the systems to accept the passwords once.
The second challenge I have will be with file sharing. Disabling file sharing and printing across the domain will be very tasking, or is there a way to achieve this from the domain admin console.
Please i need to have the answers because I am currently migrating the Symantec 10.1 to SEP 11.0. It worked very well in a test environment.

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  For the delpoyment wizard to work with a windows XP workstation, four things must be true
1. Simple file sharing must be disabled.
2. the windows firewall must be turned off, or open tcp port 139.
3. file and printer sharing must be turned on.
4. the local admin account must have a password.

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Thanks for the reply.
From the documentation, if the endsystems belong to a domain, there will be no need to disable file and print sharing.
All the endsystems currently belong to a qualified domain and the endsystems firewall disabled.
Interestingly also, i am currently deploying the AV / AS feature only.
I still need solution to the problem reported.