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Problem with "Wait For All Workflow Components (Merge)"

Created: 24 May 2010 | 4 comments

Hi.  I have recently discovered and started using the component named 'Wait For All Workflow Components (Merge)'.  I have the workflow shown here which creates 4 separate streams.  Each stream monitors a ticket status and, when the status changes, it ends at the merge component.  My problem is that only the 1st stream for Ticket #1 is being picked-up by the merge component.  Although all ticket statuses are changing only the 1st stream seems to be sending itself to the merge component.  The other 3 streams should be registering but they are not....Why is only the 1st stream registering?  Does anyone have any ideas?? Thanks

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Aaron - WEVO Group's picture

I didn't have an opportunity to test this, but I believe that if you add the "Switch Workflow to Async" component just before your "Add Process Message" then it will resolve your problem.  

One word of caution, this will not be a valid solution if you are calling this process as a webservice from a seperate process.  In that instance, once you switch to Async it will return control back to the calling process, even though the current process has not finished.

Gacutil's picture

Thank  you for the response.  Unfortunately I am use it inside of a webservice.  I tried it and, like you stated, it appears to not work as needed inside the web service.  I'll now need to consider alternate ideas for implementing this.  Thank you again for posting a reply.

Aaron - WEVO Group's picture

Finally had time to test this.  It turns out you don't need the Async component.  If you add the Workflow.Advanced.dll library it will allow you to mergre your processes without the Async, which means you can run it as a webservice.

Sorry I didn't have time to confirm this before, but should work like a charm.

matzebru's picture

One thing to check with Wait components is to make sure you didn't copy/paste them from the first one you brought into the model. I've seen real weird results when doing that with Wait for Ticket Status and other Wait/Merge components. Make sure each component is dragged into the model separately from the toolbox and not copied/pasted.

- Bruce

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