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Problems after unmapping LUNs

Created: 09 Jun 2013 | 4 comments


I did the following to unmap LUNs from Veritas Storage Foundation

  1. umount umount /path/to/volume
  2. vxvol -g disk-group-name stop volume-name
  3. vxassist -g disk-group-name remove volume volume-name
  4. vxdg destroy disk-group-name
  5. vxdiskunsetup diskname
  6. The I unmaped LUNS with my Storage Array Software
  7. cfgadm -al
  8. vxdctl enable
  9. vxgetdmpnames

And now I have problem. vxgetdmpnames doesn't show disks from storage array only local disks. I can't change names. I'm sure that reset will repair this (I had this problem before and restart made it OK) but maybe someone has a solution to repair this without restart, And maybe someone can tell me what I did wrong? Should I remove names from vxgetdmpnames before I unmap LUNs of before cfgadm -al?

My Veritas version is: 5.0MP3RP2 and Solaris 10 8/11


Filip Niezbrzycki

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rsharma1's picture

Hi Filip,

                     Before vxdctl enable, could you retry with run 'vxdctl initdmp' first followed by 'vxdctl enable'? ( this would ensure to create DMP metanodes for all DMP devices that the kernel has detected).

Also, after step 5, I'd usually make the disks offline (using vxdisk offline or via vxdiskadm menu) and do vxdisk rm <disk> & then rescan the OS device tree using  'devfsadm -C' (instead of cfgadm -al) in step 7.

hope that helps.

Filip Niezbrzycki's picture

Thank You for Your answer. I'll try Your suggestion next time I will remove LUNs. Maybe it'll save me from troubles.

Now, I tried vxdctl initdmp, but no luck. vxgetdmpnames is still almost empty.

Is there something safe I could try or I must schedule reset of the machine.


Filip Niezbrzycki

rsharma1's picture

can you try:devfsadm -C and then run format to see if OS is seeing the updated list of luns; Then run:

vxdctl initdmp; vxdctl enable; vxgetdmpnames

stinsong's picture

Hi Filip,

I agree with rsharma1's solution. And you can do "vxconfigd -k -x cleartempdir -m enable" to restart vxconfigd to reconfig VxVM layer.