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Problems with Backup Exec 2012

Created: 16 Jan 2013 | 5 comments

Recently I updated to the 2010 version R3.1 to 2012. So far, I am very disappointed with the new version.

Missing functionality previously had with the 2010 version:

-I have scheduled all weekend back up to 10 servers in tape  LTO4. What was once a single task now are 10 tasks (one per server). I have several tapes 8 weekly sets (1A, 2A, 3A, 4A for odd months) and (1B, 2B, 3B, 4B for evens months) and 12 sets of monthly tapes. Every week I have to edit all 10 tasks to change the set server tape where I have to perform the backup. It would be useful in the future to make a solution with fewer steps.

-The power of programming tasks execution is lousy. I want to schedule a synthetic task.
Full Copy -> First Sunday of the month
Copy synthetic -> All other Sundays
Incremental -> Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday-Friday

The first Sunday of the month, the full backup runs and then runs the synthetic copy. Can not be excluded or set to not run the synthetic backup, which have twice the space at hand. A botched ...

I already called Symantec and they say I can not be excluded.

Does anyone have the same problems and have a solution?

Thank you

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If your synthetic backup runs at EXACTLY the same time and on the same day as your full backup, it should be superceeded by the full backup because it is more frequent than the full backup.

BTW, you should not post your problem twice.  If you feel that you want to include the Spanish version of your problem, add it before or after the English version.


Sorry but my English is bad. whats means "it should be superceeded by the full backup because it is more frequent than the full backup." How do I make it?

Thank you

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Full backup = First Sunday of month at 2200 hours.

Synthetic backup = Every Sunday at 2200 hours.

On first Sunday of the month, synthetic backup will not run because full backup is running.

Make sure that full backup and synthetic backup runs on the same time. You cannot have this

Full backup = First Sunday of month at 2200 hours.

Synthetic backup = Every Sunday at 2222 hours.


The backup schedule are properly planned. I spoke with a Symantec technician of this problem and he said he could not exclude the synthetic copy. It worked well and you could not do anything. He mentioned nothing of priorities in synthetic and complete copy.

If you program a job and has never been run. First full backup will run and when finished will run synthetic. This will make your copy occupies almost double.

I see this as a delay and still do not understand why you have to run the same day the two copies. I do not see anything that serves to then.

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Básicamente lo que se dice ahora con BE2012 es que el que backup que corre con menos frecuencia, es el que más prioridad tiene. Si vos tenes dos backups programados para la misma fecha y hora (ahi está el truco, en la hora aparentemente) el que va a correr es el que corre con menor frecuencia.


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