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Problems with def distribution

Created: 24 Jan 2008 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 2 comments
Hey guys, new to SEP. Configured SEPM and all, need to push updates to 10 network Linux boxes for distribution of defs. 10-100 users on each network. Read documentation but confused, is their a way i can push these updates to Linux FTP server and have clients update from these servers. Like i said new to Symantec. Do i have to setup a windows box with either a GUP or a SEPM server or a Live update server at each site just for this? Thanks.

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I dont know about configuring 3rd party boxes for updates. Typically SEPM is installed on a server and the clients check in to that box periodically. You can configure definition updates by either a push or pull. You do not have to install a LU server but you can. That may run on inux but im too lazy to look for documentation.
When its set to PUSH i believe the sepm server maintains active HTTP connections with all the clients. There is a bit of a performance hit there. I have clients seperated into groups and configured those groups to PULL from server at 8 hour intervals. I dont use the Firewall portion or any NAC on the clients either so I can get away with updating policy/contents once or twice a day.
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Hi ! I also looked for a way like yours. I tried differnt ways to do it but i found no adequate solution for it.
I installed a Liveupdate Administrator but I found no way how to push the def-files to another share. I'll try it next week with different copyjobs but i don't know how atm :)
The easiest solution should be the GUP option but that also doesn't work .. the GUP defined client caches the file but the client always go to the SEPM :(
If I found a solution I'll post it here otherways I hope someone has still solved it.