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Problems integrating PGP Desktop 9.9 clients with Universal Server 3.1.2

Created: 21 Jun 2011

Hi All,

I've recently setup PGP Universal Server 3.1.2, and now wish to integrate existing standalone PGP Desktop 9.9 clients for centralised management. I've followed instructions here:

In order to enroll the existing clients with the server, which seems to go fine. Basic policy and licensing is applied as expected.

The problem is that policy specific customisations for the bootguard (custom background images and text) and other WDE specific setup, such as application of an Administrator passphrase, never seems to get applied to these clients. At first I suspected this might be to do with the 9.9 clients having encrypted boot disks prior to enrollment, however even un-encrypting and re-encrypting disks after enrollment does not seem to get the missing WDE customisation from the server policy applied.

So, have I missed any crucial integration steps to get this to work properly, or is this missing functionality simply a result of compatability issues between the versions of PGP Desktop and Universal Server I am trying to use? If so, does anyone know which exact version of Universal Server I would need to run to ensure complete compatability with PGP Desktop 9.9 clients? (I should say, the PGP Desktop clients must remain at version 9.9 for business reasons, so the simple solution isn't available to me this time!)