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Problems with new mid-2011 Macbook Airs failing to wake up from Sleep Mode when encrypted (Fixed)

Created: 05 Mar 2012 • Updated: 19 Jun 2014 | 9 comments
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This is a known issue. Please see this KB article for more information:

Fixed the link:

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Thanks Brian, I corrected the link :)

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This article is listed under PGP Desktop Professional and PGP Desktop Corporate, but not PGP Whole Disk encryption.. where i would typlically look for WDE related issues

I see that the way the current KB is structured by product bundle.. but who has the time to search under each product bundle to find a relevant KB article? there isnt an easy way to search all KBs releated to PGP products. 

Does anyone have an ETA as to when this issue will be resolved? mid-2011's have been out since August of last year.



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Sarah, word is that engineering is working a hotfix that you could patch the affected machines with. It changes the sleep image (like the workaround listed above) which will effectively disable the "safe sleep" function of the macbook airs. But they will still be able to go into a normal sleep mode fine.  This ensures that we don't have a problem with security of the data getting stored to disk during hibernation.

My understanding that they will be working towards a solution. In hopes of having this issue completely resolved in a future release.

Let me know if you are interested in the hotfix and I can get you added to the bug. Thanks Sarah!

By the way, I have edited the KB to include WDE as a product for the KB.  :)

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How can I get the hotfix?  I have the latest MacBook Air and cannot find any configuration to allow hibernation.  I prefer to write all contents of RAM to disk and power down instead of the tradtional sleep methods.



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This has been a widespread enough issue they will be changing this in PGP Desktop 10.2.1. Which is scheduled for release sometime around May/June 2012 timeframe.

The code changes, I believe, will be making a symlink for /var/vm/sleep to /dev/null. This will prevent the macbook air's from going into this "safe sleep" mode where it won't resume the encrypted disk.

The problem is with Apple's EFI firmare bypassing our Bootguard loader which prevents you from accessing the encrypted disk

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Dear Sirs 

I installed the 10.2.1 version build 4773 but the situation is not solved at all. The only way to solve is:

- switch hibernatemode to 0

- create the symlink of sleepimage to /dev/null

both workarounds don't help to save the battery becasue mac remain with powered memory! Is there anyone with a shed light on what is the solution?


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@me7048 - The issue being reported in the forum here was that the Macbook Air would not wake up at all when going into a deep sleep (hibernation) mode. 

Now, hibernation mode is disabled (by design) on these new Macbook Airs as part of our installer package. This is to prevent the situation that we had where the Macbook Airs would fail to authenticate properly after resuming from hibernation and would result in an unbootable system that you would have to hard shutdown and possibly end up with corrupted data.

You are correct that both workarounds don't help save the battery (as much as hibernating) but they should allow the Macbook air to go into a basic sleep mode which leaves existing memory in the ram.

If you would like to see Symantec address the issue with these new Apple power management API's not working on PGP WDE then I would suggest submitting an idea to Symantec which gives feedback to our product management team. Others can vote on the idea and state whether they think it is needed or not as well. The more votes, the more likely that they will be looking into it and solving it.

I hope that helps.

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