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product code key for norton internet security

Created: 29 Dec 2008 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 3 comments

i hope you can help me, i lost the product code key for my norton internet security system, i have the disc, box and book but can't find the sleeve for the disc......i bought it at office depot and it still has about a year left on it. i had my hard drive changed by my son in law and now i want put my norton internet security system back in and i can't find the code......and i noticed i have trojans and worms, (38)

and i'm dying to get it back in my machine, i can't afford another one........also i writing you because i have registered it and even.......used the live update......on it a someone at symantec has to have my product key code......i even tried looking on the disc compontents and can't find it.......

i'm not very savy about computers i play games and email, and download that is about hopefully you can help me, my profile can give you the info you need ??? i hope you can help me.......i've got to get it downloaded before my trojans and worms ruin my computer, the little system security that is on it right now is worthless.......thanks for reading my message, i sure hope you can help me........jackie d. green

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Hi There. This forum community is strictly for Symantec products. Norton has their own community which can be accessed by Clicking Here.

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more information, just so you know i went to norton and the told me to go to Symantec........they thought with me using the live update that they might have a way to find my product code key........i talked to the techs if anyone could help me i would appreciate it......and norton is a product of Symantec, isn't it, why would they have their name on it........??? and why would norton tell me to go to Symantec??? thanks for the info though, jackie d. green

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Hi Jackie,

You might be confused by some of the terms, but I see you did make it over to the correct forum and posted.

LiveUpdate Administrator refers to a Symantec Enterprise product that allows IT managers in data centers to update all of their machines from one master download.   This board does not put you in touch with anyone that adminstrates consumer liveupdate accounts.

In any case, if you are using a Norton Consumer product the place to be is the Norton Community, which you have now found.