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"This program cannot be run in DOS mode." PC-DOS USB boot

Created: 09 Jul 2013 | 3 comments

When booting to my USB stick as a Network Boot Package(specifically for ghostcasting support), using C:\Program Files\Symantec\Ghost\ghost.exe, and "support for creating bootable CDs/DVDs enabled, I get the error "This program cannot be run in DOS mode." 

It also says UNDI driver successfully installed, then there's a Packet driver interupt. (0x60) (96)

Am I using the wrong ghost.exe? When I tried booting without the "support for creating bootable CDs/DVDs enabled, my USB wouldn't be recognized as a bootable USB.

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Which exact version of Ghost are you working with?  

The problem with trying to use DOS with modern hardware is that it just does not work properly anymore. DOS has no SATA support so you are left trying to select PATA compatibility mode in the BIOS (assuming your bios offers this), and manufacturers are increasingly failing to provide DOS support for NICs.

You need to switch to WinPE which is offered natively in GSS, or you need to build your own WinPE solution and run your Ghost version from its command prompt. WinPE can run from USB sticks, and has native USB support, as well as being able to boot from CD or from a USB hard disk.

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Hello EdT!

I'm using version of Ghost Console in Symantec Ghost Suite. Does WindowsPE allow for Ghostcasting? I see that it has Deploy Anywhere support but I haven't really dug into it much, as I liked the setup ghostcasting has.  -- PC-DOS -- WIN-PE

I forgot to mention that I did get the PC-DOS version working before, so I've included with this post some links of comparison to the setup that works on both CD/USB, and the one that's giving me this error. I noticed the ghost.exe files were different in size and I have no recollection of where I got the smaller ghost.exe file from.(probably somewhere online) Maybe that file is PC-DOS compatible? I would just really like to get the wizard always working for ghostcasting. 

Now if I just kept a hold of this working .IMG/.ISO file I have at the moment, would it always be compatible with new Liveupdates that would be deployed out to Symantec Ghost Suite? -- The non-working boot CD/USB image directory -- The working boot CD/USB image directory 

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There is very little likelihood of any LiveUpdates to Ghost as the dev team was disbanded a few years ago.

Rumours of a new version over the last couple of years have consistently failed to materialise as a product.

Use the Ghost files supplied as part of to ensure you have a viable Ghost.exe. There is no point chasing your tail if you do not know the original of your current file with any degree of certaintly.

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