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"Project Open Error" on most all WF projects

Created: 08 Aug 2012 • Updated: 24 Aug 2012 | 6 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

I just started getting this "Project Open Error" when I open almost any WF project:

The resolution to a similar issue I found to this didn't fix my error.  I tried opening a backup of the project and it didn't fix the issue.  The whole server didn't crash, but one project did.  One of the projects I was working on early today froze when I was typing in a search for a component.  Only way to get past it was to force close the program and start again.  I had another open at the time so I just kept working on that.  After I closed it and tried to open the one that crashed, I got this error.  I closed it and tried to open another with similar results.  Any ideas?

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What version of WF are you using?

Also, could you verify that the generated ASDK component DLL is in your project? (Symantec.Components.Generated7.Altiris.ASDK). All these components exist in that DLL.

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We are currently on 7.1.1400.28.

The DLLs exists in the shared (...\Workflow\Shared\components) area and I also tried to set (what I assume is) the DLLs to copy local to the project, but I still get the same error after trying to switch it back and forth.

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I've seen the project freezing while searching for a component a lot more frequently here lately. I wonder what the cause is there or if we're the only ones?

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I think (don't know for a fact) that the freezing seams to happen if I have the project open for an extended period of time.  I RDP into the server and do my project design so I tend to keep the projects open.  But since I have been closing the projects to do a backup, it happens a lot less.

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I get the freeze when I am logged in over RDP, and I search for a component - AND there already is an open treee in the toolbox. If I close all the branches, and do a search, it works great and no freezing.


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Problem solved.  I've been beating on our Symantec support guy and he sent a copy of the WF to engineering, and they opened the project just fine.  Support sent me this snippet from WF support:

One item of note, if ever prompted to update/refresh/replace any libraries when opening a project, always uncheck everything before clicking ‘Next’.  This may be where the problem was encountered or it could be that the ASDK generator was ran incorrectly at some point.  All of the types mentioned in this screenshot are ASDK Generator types.

Opening the ASDK Generator project and going through the wizard it runs may resolve the issue.  Alternatively, a copy of the out-of-box of this library may help too., that got me thinking that if it opened fine on theirs, I could try to open the project on my other dev box. I exported it with the default option "Exclude Core Libraries" checked, then imported to dev2 box.  It opened fine there.  Then I exported the project and unchecked Exclude Core Libraries.  I ported that project back to dev1 and when prompted that it would over write core libraries, I checked the boxes to over write them.  POOF, all is good and right in the world... at least for my workflows.

So I fixed it by doing what engineering said NOT to do... sort of (but it sounds funnier when I say it that way).  I just corrected the core libraries which is what they also suggested.

Just wanted to pass this one along and hope this helps someone else too.