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Property or Argument in Wise package Studio

Created: 24 Jun 2009 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 3 comments

I am using Wise package Studio 7 and wondered if it is possible to use Properties or Arguments in Wise?
I am trying to set a custom Environment Variable through an MSI.
I tried setting the Environment Variable though Installation Expert>Feature details>Enrionment Variables.
I create a name for the Variable, but I want to use a property or argument for the Value. I was hoping to create a Property
and change the property on the install command line. Ex: Msiexec /i MyMSI.msi MYPROPERTY="Server name I choose"
I can't even use a known variable or property in the Value section of the Environment Variable Details.
I have Tried to use a simple Variable such as %TEMP% in Installation Expert>Feature details>Enrionment Variables>Value and just run the install without any extra properties and the Envrironment variable gets the value written as %TEMP% when the MSI is installed.
First question...Can i use variables 0r Properties in the Installation Expert>Feature details>Enrionment Variables>Value?
I have tried doing the property through a custom action and I get the same results.
Second Question... If i can set a Property or Argument for this section, how do I do it and also have the ability to change it at the command line install options.

Recap. I have an MSI that I am using to Create/change a Custom Environment variable. I would like to apply the actual Environment Variable Value at the command line.
The value will be different lists of Servers. I can do this with WiseScript and or Vbscript...I really wanted to try it in an MSI....easier for me to manage.
jeff l.

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Yes, you can use formatted data as the value of the environment entry.
Add a property (ex. MY_CUSTOM_ENV) in the Property table and give it a default value, then use reference the property as the Value column in the Environment table for your entry (ex. [MY_CUSTOM_ENV]).
To change the property value through command line you need to make sure you use a PUBLIC property meaning; ALL UPPER CASE.

Check out Environment table

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Look up 'environment variable' in MSI.CHM and select the 'Formatted' topic from the result. That will tell you how to use environment variables in properties, too.

Don't know why 'x' happened? Want to know why 'y' happened? Use ProcMon and it will tell you.
Think about using before posting.

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Thanks Guys,
That helps. I did the second best thing...CMDLINE in Wisescript, but we want to make it work for MSIs.
I will dig in and try both of your suggestions.
Jeff L.