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Pro's and Con's of Auto and manual archiving

Created: 31 Jul 2013 • Updated: 11 Aug 2013 | 5 comments
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Hello all,

When we set-up emails archive for MS Exchange 2010 what is the best method for archiving

Manual or Auto-archive.

Can anyone highlight some pro's n con's of Auto and Manual archive


Gurmeet Singh Kohli

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To be honest, 99.99% of companies that i've dealt with do both manual and auto archive

Pros for auto archiving are numerous, but one of the big ones vs manual is if someone goes of vacation or maternity/paternity leave, their mailbox won't go over quota or become incredibly large while they are away

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It depends of your archiving strategy. For instance, you might have some users, such as managers, CEO, etc., they might want to archive emails manually, but for the most regular users you might want to do automatic archiving. In my opinion, automatic archiving allows you to control the space available in the Exchange DBs since you can specify what, when and how the data will be archived. With manual archiving, you would depend on the users to get free space in the Exchange servers.

I hope this helps.

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I would suggest you can go for both. The Auto archiving / schedule archiving is useful for to reduce the size / space of Exchange Server.

You can use Quota Based policy and also specify option "Start with items larger than ". So it will archive larger item in size first.

As per archiving policy you can make different different policy. For e.g. for CEO or manager you can create policy to free up more space and archive more because they are getting many emails.

The Manual archving is useful from User point of view. They can select and archive the item as per their requirement and as per their choice.



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