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.pst Backup and Restore

Created: 28 Sep 2012 • Updated: 06 Oct 2012 | 3 comments
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I was unclear on the following point.

From DLO7 Datasheet

Microsoft Outlook® mail files (PST) protection: Protects PST files at the message level.

Using VSS Symantec DLO7 has an added feature to backup open .pst files too?

also can it restore individual emails and without restoring the complete .pst file?

Can Some one who has tried this out please explain



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Here's some excerpts from the DLO7 Admin Guide you may find useful :

The Desktop Agent is designed to protect open PST files if they are
part of the profile or user's backup selections. Incremental backups must be enabled for open file backups of PST files.


Backing up Outlook PST Files Incrementally
DLO is configured to back up PST files incrementally by default. Incremental backup of PST files is
controlled by the administrator in the Profile, or by the desktop user in Options dialog if the desktop user
has been granted sufficient rights.
Note: Outlook must be the default mail application to perform incremental backups of Outlook PST files.
The following limitations should be considered when backing up Outlook PST files incrementally:
■ Some of the DLO options are not used, even if they are enabled. These options include Delta File
Transfer, Compression, and Encryption.
DLO relies on Microsoft's Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI) code to perform the
actual backup of PST files. Using MAPI does not allow the use of these DLO options during an
incremental backup.
This is a limitation of the way the incremental backups are performed and is normal behavior for
backups of Outlook *.pst files . This limitation only applies to incremental backups and does not
apply to non-incremental PST backups.
■ When Outlook PST files are backed up incrementally, only one revision is maintained regardless of the
number of revisions set in the backup selection.
■ When you restore Microsoft Outlook PST files, the restored PST file will differ from the original PST file
as explained in Restoring Microsoft Outlook Personal Folder Files on page 230.
■ Synchronized files cannot be backed up incrementally.
■ When a DLO profile is configured to limit the bandwidth usage during data transfer to the network user
data folder, bandwidth is not limited during the incremental transfer of PST files.


Restoring Microsoft Outlook Personal Folder Files
When you restore Microsoft Outlook Personal Folder (PST) files, the following differences will exist
between the restored PST and the original PST:
■ The file size will be different
■ Any rule that points to a folder inside a PST file will no longer work. You must edit the rule to point to
the correct folder
■ Restored PST files will have Inbox, Outbox, and Sent Items folders, even if the original files did not have
■ If you use a password for your PST file, you must reset the password after restoring your PST file


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Thanks for your reply that does clear out many things.

So does it mean that singular emails cant be restored? Complete .pst will have to restored on any system and then only the particular mail can be retrieved?


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That sounds right to me.