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PST locator Scanning

Created: 16 Jul 2012 | 9 comments


Its been 2 months i've been doing Symantec EV migration process.

I select hard disk scan as i manually copy the user pst folders to local server drive

Lately the PST Locator Task always is in the running status. Then i right click and select Runas .Next i select scan harddisk.

Now as usual it goes in Processing state!!

This takes 40 to 50 mins.Some times i have to restart all the 3 tasks.

What are the factors affecting the scanning process.

Server uptime 60 days

Will it need a reboot?

Will i need to defrag the drive which houses PST Storage folder where i copy all the PSTs

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I can't make out a real question/problem. Please elaborate.

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The PST Locator Task in Enterprise Vault takes lot of time to scan psts in harddisk ...why is that so??

Any knowledge base to speed up the process??

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How many servers are you scanning? Can you do a DTrace and post the log?

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In addition where are the file servers being scanned, in relation to the EV server.  If they're some distance (eg check network ping time) then scanning will be slowed.

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Can you also elaborate on how you are determining the progress?

Are you seeing anything in the Report Files?

It would also help to get a bit more of an understanding on how you have the task configured.

In the task properties, the settings, schedule, etc will have an effect on the duration of a discovery.

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running just means the service is started. processing means you either did runnow like you said or that the scheduled processing time kicked in. sounds like you need to go to the properties of your task and set the schedule to process at the desired times.

Andy Becker | Authorized Symantec Consultant | Trace3 | Symantec National Partner |

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Hi Johnyev

Not able to understand

"I select hard disk scan as i manually copy the user pst folders to local server drive"

does this mean that you have copied all the PST files to local server drive? If this is case Not sure if you need to run PSTLocator task again. I guess running PSTCollector Task will work.

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Are you able to see the computer in the computer node in VAC under PST Management store ?

Go to the properties of the computer and make sure you have checked the option which will allow you to scan the computer .

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Was there anything else needed on this issue?