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PST marking not working

Created: 08 Jul 2014 • Updated: 16 Mar 2015 | 4 comments
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I'm using E-vault 10.x and have been able to successfully run the PST locator task. In the "Files" node, I see the PSTs but all are marked as "Not Ready" and stay that way until I manually associate them with a mailbox (I have hundreds of PSTs so this won't scale). I have PST marking set to "On" for all of my Exchange desktop policies and the desktop machines all have Outlook and the E-vault add-in in the ribbon. I've opened and closed Outlook a few times but the PSTs aren't getting marked.

Could you please help me figure out why adn get it fixed?


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the marking you're talking about has to do with outlook marking a PST file that is open in a user's outlook profile where a user is enabled in EV and has the EV add-in installed.

the status field in the EV console you're looking at is where you control the migration of the PST files themselves so the two arent really related in that sense. you might be able to shift+right click and select multiple PSTs in the console and set their status to ready. they'll get picked up by the PST Migration Task when that schedule kicks in.

what you might be interested in looking at is the Exchange Mailbox field. that's actually the one which is related to the "marking" you enabled in the policy.

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Thanks for that clarification and I was looking at the Exchange Mailbox field. It was empty and I expected it to be populated by the "marking" process. My hope is that this will work for most/all PSTs so that I don't have to do it manually for every one of the hundreds of PSTs in my environment.

Any thoughts on why it's not working or how I can troubleshoot?

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i outlined the conditions required for PST marking to work. you can spot check a few PSTs to see if they meet those conditions.

additional thoughts: refresh the file listing in the EV console, rerun PST locator task, upgrade to EV 11 which has great enhancements to PST migrations

Andy Becker | Authorized Symantec Consultant | Trace3 | Symantec National Partner |

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how are you coming along with this?

Andy Becker | Authorized Symantec Consultant | Trace3 | Symantec National Partner |