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PST migration and items deletion during migration process

Created: 12 Aug 2009 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 9 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hi there,

I am new and not so familiar with that stuf.
Can anybody explain me, where I can set, that Items in PST file should not be deleted during the migration?

I noticed: If I do a client driven migration, the Item where still in the PST file after migration. But if I do a server driven migration the file is empty.

Does it have something to do with the retention categories?

Thanks in advance.

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I believe this is due to the collection process is a copy.  The client driven is not.  So on both the original file is left behind and intact.  What you are seeing as empty is the copy.

This is only a thought, would have to check.

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Hey Don,

Thanks for reply.

Now, what I can see is that PST file has no items in it and it is totaly empty (after  server-driven migration).

I suppose that this has something to do with the retention categories.

Do you now what the Setting "Prevent deletion of archived items in this category" is doing exactly?


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" What you are seeing as empty is the copy. "

Where can I find the original one?

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The retention category will not affect pst ingestion or the deletion. If it does copy rather than move pst than I believe the pst original one that is will simply be in the origanal location it was found in by pst locator task where ever that may be.

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The deletion option simply is another way to control users ability to delete.

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Basically it is how each of them work currently. 

The short story is:

Server-Driven migrations ingest the contents of the PST and if everything is successfully migrated, will leave an empty PST.

Client-Side does not remove anything from the PST and leaves it intact (although it removes the Outlook reference to it)

Post processing has some options but there is no way in Server Driven to make it keep the original PST intact after migration.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks, to you.

but what happens if the PST migration process was is not successfull and only 50% of the file was migrated. Is also 50% of the Items in the PST already removed?

Will the other 50% be migrated in the second step? Or, is in this case the file still 100% big because the migration process was not successfull?

Thanks in advance.

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As the Don mentioned, it is a copy / copy back procedure.  If it fails, it does not do the copy back and so the original is still there.

If you re-run, it will start over from scratch, so you have the possiblity of duplicate items.