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PST Migration gone wrong!

Created: 13 Mar 2006 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 2 comments
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Hello guys,

Yet another interesting there anyway to remove savesets from a vault store if they do not correspond with an active mailbox archive?

Here's the situation. We were trying to import an archive (from another vault kvs5.5) in to a new mailbox archive (kvs6sp2). We moved it the first time without shortcuts, hoping the syncronization would take care of the mailbox shortcuts to reflect the new server settings/name. No such luck. All we got was a mailbox full of broken shortcuts.

So I disabled the email account, and marked the entire kvs6sp2 archive for deletion. Supposably it was deleted. Re-enabled the account, and ran a report against the account to create the new archive. It all looked good...after the deletion the archive disappeared from the admin interface, and it reappeared after I made the archive task run in report mode.

I then attempted to re-import the kvs5.5 archive in to the "new" kvs6sp2 archive. The import succeeded, but didn't create any new shortcuts, and the report indicated 0 archived items. I digged in to the vault store and found savesets remaining from the user, from the the original import.

My gut tells me that the deletion wasn't successful, and it didn't remove the savesets. The import notices that the archived items still exist, and thus doesn't re-import them in to the archive, and thusly doesn't push new shortcuts to the mailbox. The shortcuts are critical since I've moved kvs environments, exchange versions, etc, etc

So is there any way to "clean" my vault store of these orphaned savesets...or is there a way to reassociate the archive with their saveset id's, and actually delete them. Or even better yet...a way to just push the shortcuts back in to the email profile (which is really my goal anyhow).

Anybody got a good fix for this?


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When you did the reimport was that after an export? Obviously if you didn't then that pst would be empty.

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It seems the solution was to do another export of the archive, then re-import it in to the archive. However, one of the psts of the set broke, and I actually had to use the old pst to lever the rest of the data back in to the archive. I'm worried that there maybe duplicate savesets now, but we'll see what happens.