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Pst migration problem

Created: 24 May 2010 • Updated: 29 Aug 2013 | 12 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Currently having problems with pst migration.  8.0 sp3,  appears that some users  moved shortcuts inside pst, would that cause problems when trying to migrate pst's?


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EV won't attempt to archive an EV shortcut, it should in fact just copy the shortcuts from the PST to the Mailbox
sometimes when migration fails, you might find there are shortcuts in the PST that EV has itself created however failed to move it in to the mailbox (maybe it went over quota for instance)

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it was just kind of coincidence that the 3 users that were enabled for archive are the only ones having problems migrating.

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I was able to get around ones pst by deleting the items it complained about from dtrace, but there are a couple with hundreds of messages in the dtrace that won't migrate.

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well you could always test, just create a test user, archive some items, shove all the shortcuts in the pst and mix it with a bunch of non archived items and see what happens.

What were the errors shown in the trace?

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1184770    16:06:37.485     [6732]    (MigratorServer)    <5368>    EV:L    CSavesetPersist::ResetStorage LB: 0x29f60d8 Stg(LB): 0x9e19b50 Stg(doc): 0 File: (null)
1184771    16:06:37.501     [6732]    (MigratorServer)    <5368>    EV~E    Event ID: 6593 Abnormal error occurred | |PST file: \\l\na\canton\home\c-d\ctaniguc\Mail\archive1pst.pst |Archive Name: AW,??????????? |Vault Id: 1ECB54E1314391341816D159E4B69CD0D1110000cant-evsite1 |Reference: PI/IS |
1184772    16:06:37.501     [6732]    (MigratorServer)    <5368>    EV:M    CMigrator::ProcessItem (Exit) |Catastrophic failure  [0x8000ffff] |
1184773    16:06:37.501     [6732]    (MigratorServer)    <5368>    EV:M    CMigrator::ProcessChunkOfMessages (Exit) |Catastrophic failure  [0x8000ffff] |
1184774    16:06:37.501     [6732]    (MigratorServer)    <5368>    EV:M    CMigrator::ProcessMessages (Exit) |Catastrophic failure  [0x8000ffff] |

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there are quite a ffew like this in the pst..

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dont suppose earlier in the trace you see the following line

CSavesetSISManager::StoreSaveset (Exit) hr=<0xc00cee2b>

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I've just done a little more research and theres a couple of things it could be

1. Damaged PST file
     - Make a copy of the PST file and run ScanPST.exe against it, see if it mentions if it found any errors or not

2. Items in incompatible languages
     - There have been cases where EV will come across items in a language other than English, and those items maybe causing it to fail
        In these circumstances you should be able to install that specific language pack on the EV server and continue properly

3. Corrupt items
     - Sometimes it can be simply just a corrupt item that exists in the PST file, usually dragging the item out of the PST on to the desktop and back in to the PST will fix it
        Also the ScanPST.exe should be able to find any items it deems as corrupted

If you look in the trace that you gathered you should see two lines that look like the following in the same thread

CMigrator::ProcessMessages|Processing messages|Folder: myFolder
CMigrator::ProcessChunkOfMessages|Processing item|Subjet: my Email Message

If you go to the PST in question and that folder, you should be able to determine if there is anything "different" about that item
so in the beginning you were wondering could it be because of an item being an EV Shortcut, so you could see if that item was a regular shortcut or not
Try opening the message, if Outlook says it can't display the item or it can't open it, then that would be your straight up answer, try dragging it out to the desktop
If you can open it, check to see what language its in, and if theres anything wrong or different about the messages

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we have already done the scanpst etc... Some other pst's we were able to clear out the suspect messages, but what about the ones that have hundres of those migrator errors?

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like i said you will have to look at the messages to see if they have anything in common,
for the fact that the archive name is showing as ????????, i'm going to assume theres a high likelihood of languages being used that aren't readily available on the ev server

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language pack is installed as well...

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all of them? i think theres like 100 isn't there?
have you gone in the dtrace, looked at the folder and the message thats failing and seen if theres anything dodgy about it?