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PST Migration question

Created: 03 Oct 2012 • Updated: 08 Oct 2012 | 3 comments
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Hi, using EV10, Outlook 2010, Exch2010.  On the PST migrator task you can set the number of concurrent PST files to migrate.  We are about to start a client-side migration in the organisation.  If we have 10 concurrent PSTs set on the task, we can archive a PST from 10 users.  If there are another 10 users, theirs would be queued.  What happens when a user who is being migrated turns their PC off, does the server lock out that connection to be resumed when the the uiser comes back, or will it move onto another PST file in the queue and get back to the original one when a connection becomes available?


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Hi Sortid,

That is slightly incorrect, the setting work as follows:

PST Migrator Task – Number of PST’s to migrate concurrently : 10
This is the amount of PST files that Enterprise Vault will migrate at the same time, irrelevant of the user

If the user shuts down his pc then they would start from scratch when they come back, there is no resume

This is the exact reason QUADROtech introduced a proper PST Migration application. For further information please take a look at:

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Slight correction to above post, since you're doing client driven migration, the migration will resume from the chunk it was last migrating once machine is back on OR outlook is back on.

Client driven migration process does chunk by chunk basis migration each chunk sizing 10MB. Once 1 chunk finishes, next 10MB is copied to EV server holding location and migrated. Between this cycle if user closed his Outlook or workstation at suppose 10th chunk (100MB), when he/she starts it back up, it will be able to determine where it left and start from 11th chunk accordingly (Theoritically atleast)

Note - Client driven migration is done using Outlook EV add-in so Outlook should be kept running along with workstation accordingly.

Thank You


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Slight correction to the above post ;)

The machine has to be on AND Outlook has to be on. (alhough you do say that later on :)  )

Also, you can tune the PST chunk size for better performance if you think your clients are powerful enough and the network can handle the larger file sizes. The process is also generally more reliable if you have fewer chunks.

There is a lovely article on the client side process here :



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