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PST Migrations

Created: 14 Dec 2006 • Updated: 23 May 2010 | 3 comments

I know this is a tough thing to estimate, but does anyone have any rough numbers on how fast the PST migrator moves?

We are starting to plan out some PST migrations and I would like to roughly guess the timeframes associated with this task.

For example, 10 gb of PSTs takes 5 hours to collect and migrate into vault.

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Are you doing server or client driven migrations? Either way the likely bottleneck will be the copy operation of PST data to the EV server. Once on the server I have seen 4-5GB per hour. One thing to remember is that PST migrations are a case of start, monitor, monitor, monitor, troubleshoot, monitor, wait and then pray everything goes smoothly. Don't box yourself into a corner by promising it will be done in a given time frame. Setup a pilot group that is representative of your org, track the migration process from this group and then extrapolate to the wider user base.

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LOL, I love your description.

At this point I am leaning at server driven migrations.

Yes I am planning a pilot group and testing. Right now we are way in the preliminary planning steps and we are just trying to get rough ideas of the scope of this project.

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Server migrations work well with PSTs in a central location but if this not the case I would almost always recommend attempting client driven migration first. Server driven requires that Outlook be shutdown in order to copy the PST and than can be a real pain to organize for many companies.