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PST Migrator issue?

Created: 20 Feb 2013 • Updated: 20 Feb 2013 | 8 comments
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I've just a short question regarding PST import/migration. I'am running server based PST import and it seems all works fine, but after a successful import (I use only the option "Hide it to help you see how many PST s are left to migrate") I'm not able to open those imported PST's again, they seems to be empty. Is that a normal behavior or the content really getting deleted in the PST drung/after the import?

Thank you very much for any ansewer.


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The items in the PSTs will be removed after successful import into EV.

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Check if the PST is marked as read Only .

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Items getting deleted from PST file after migration is controlled by the following setting which is found under Policies - Exchange - PST  Migration - PostMigration Tab.

Hope this helps.


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@RRE - that's not correct.  That is whether the PST file is deleted post successful migration or not.

Items in the PST file will always be removed once archived.

See also here:

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Hi @All

Thanks a alot for your comments. I am happy to know now this is as normal behavior and actually not a


Thanks again.

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So your PSt files were not deleted they were just marked as reas only . Right ?

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No, the PST wasn't marked as "read only", only as hidden. So I was just wondering why I couldn't see any itmes in the PST's left after the import. On of our customer complain that the import was not complete and I was searching for a way to compare the PST against the imported content.