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PST Server Migration - Won't Delete PST Files

Created: 12 Sep 2013 • Updated: 17 Nov 2014 | 6 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

EV 10.0.4 on Windows Server 2008 R2

I saw an earlier post ( regarding client driven pst migration which wasn't deleting the PST file after it was migrated.  I'm having similar issues however I'm doing a Server migration.  I went through the comments.  I noted Tech76019 that said the migrator task user needed db_datareader access to the EnterpriseVaultDirectory which hadn't been done.  I restarted the task on the vault server but the PST files remain?  When I view the admin console and few files in personal store management.  The PST files show a status of "Completing" but when you check properties and check history tab it shows the task complete in less than an hour.  My PST Migration policy is set to delete the PST file when completed.  Everything else works great.  The email are ingested into the vault within an hour and show in my outlook 2013 inbox.  I just need it to delete the file?

Also, this is a separate issue but when I try to add a single pst file to the store management I get "The path specified for the PST file is not valid".  The PST is on a dfs share if that matter.  I initially wanted to do client driven pst migration but the dfs network shared pst files aren't supported though that method.

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I should have noted that all the tasks associated (Locator, Collector, Migrator) the user account has Full Control on the user shares location.  

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Can you try a PST on a non-DFS location?

And can you post a DTrace (of the end of the migration) and the PST Migration report. If there are ineligible items, depending on your policy, the PST file may not be empty at the end of migration, and therefore won't be deleted.

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Yea, that was actually the next step I was going to try.  I will let the forum know how the non DFS migration goes.

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Well, it doesn't work from my client machine either.  Same thing happening, the file shows "Completing" in admin console but when you check the PstMigTask_xxx.txt report (attached) it shows that it completed.  Yet the annoying PST file remains.


I've opened a case with Symantec so I'm going to try that avenue as well.  

PstMigTask_serverXX.txt 3.44 KB
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So the issue has been resolved.  The EV environment had the correct settings.  However the PST files that EV was ingesting had emails in them that because of my retention policy weren't imported into the EV mailbox.  I knew that to be the case however according to Symantec EV won't delete the PST file if it still contains data that hasn't been archived by EV.  Short story is check your retention policy and also check Migration Policy settings "Shortcut creation" tab.  I had checked the box to "Restrict shortcuts by age: 1 year" this also would have excluded the old items and left them in the pst.

My solution is to modify the Post Migration tab setting to mark pst as 'Read only' and 'Set the PST file to be hidden' that way users cannot see and open the file.  I will manually remove the files with a script.

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Good catch - I mentioned that the PST had to be empty early on in the thread.

It's interesting though because the reason for your PST not being is the shortcut-creation restriction.