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public key is not certified with a trusted signature

Created: 24 Mar 2011 | 1 comment

 We are running a script to fpt file via pgp encryption. We are using a public key to upload the file from several companies but one of the ftp is prompting for confirmation - are you sure you want to use this public key (y/n)?
I've tried re-adding the key to the keyring and update the key but nothings seems to work.
Results from -kc
Key ring: '//.pgppubring.pkr'
Type bits           keyID              Date                UserID
DSS 2048/1024 0x748A1664     2004/01/15       alaskaair
sig!                   0x748A1664                             alaskaair
1 matching key found
KeyID               Trust            Validity            UserID
0x748A1664       complete     invalid               alaskaair
                         complete                             alaskaair

Is there a way to eliminate the prompt?



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You're using the old NAI version of Command Line; it is not sold or supported by Symantec/PGP.  I don't know that you'll get much help on it here; at the old PGP support forums nobody was familiar with that old version.

The only thing I can suggest (besides buying a copy of PGP Command Line 10 :-) ) is to try signing the key with a private key of your own.  Note that PGP Command Line as sold by Symantec has been designed to work in a scripted environment and will never prompt you for input.


David Finkelstein

Symantec R&D