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Public Key Sharing in WDE Environment

Created: 23 Mar 2011 | 1 comment
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This is likely a simple question. We use PGP Whole Disk Encryption in a portion of our environment (about 40 PCs). After setting up a new using and encrypting their drive we rare touch PGP after that. I have a valid request from someone outside of our company to share our public key so we can securely swap files on a new project.

Is our public key something i can produce from any user of PGP encryption or can i create one specific to this project? What is the best way to do this and where in the PGP desktop software do I access this? I see several keys, but not sure which is which.

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The public keys that can be used for encryption to you, are those for which you have the private key.  You can see which keys on your keyring have a private key by going to the PGP Keys module in PGP Desktop and selecting to see My Private Keys.  You can generate a new key by selecting New PGP Key from the File menu.  PGP's email proxy will encrypt to a key based on the email address in the key's User ID matching the email address that the email is being sent to.  You can also instead select Send To for the mailing of the key.

You can send your public key to others by right clicking on the key, and selecting Copy Public Key.  Or you can instead select Export, to have a copy saved as a file. 

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