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Purchasing a test certificate then implementing it to production

Created: 17 Dec 2013 • Updated: 20 Dec 2013 | 1 comment
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We currently have a cert with the domain

We need to purchase a test certificate in order to implement a new login portal to production environment.

My scenario is that we have a current domain, and we want to implement a new login portal.

We'd like to test the certificate so I'm wondering how to go about purchasing a test certificate, installing the certificate in the test environment and then replacing our current production certificate.

Is this possible? What are the steps needed to get this accomplished?

Thank you,


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Greetings Ryan,

Migration of the certificate and its private key will all depend on whether your system has the functionality to backup/copy the certificate private key pair. Some server systems don't have this functionality (pretty much anything Oracle)

Microsoft systems pretty much all work the same was in regards to moving certificate from one Microsoft system to another. Use one system (perhaps the one that is for testing purposes) Create the Certificate Signing Request (CSR) on that system and use that CSR to process your new certificate or renewal order. After the new certificate has been issued install the certificate back on the Microsoft System that created the CSR in order to marry the certificate with the private key.

After you have performed your testing in that environment you can export/copy that certificate with its private key and simply move it into the other production Microsoft system and then bind it to the website.

You can find everyday instructions on "how to move a certificate from x system to x system" online by search or using Symantecs knowledge base by clicking here

Hope this helps ^.^